Refund Policy

Astrologer Jatinder Aghori Ji, provides 100% Money Back Guarantee to our users. All the Sales via Mobile app or Website are eligible for Refunds in following conditions. By Requesting for Refund(s), User also agrees to our terms and conditions and permission to access the call recording of the order no for which user has requested the refund, just in case to check if the refund request is eligible or not. Refunds in User's Shyam Shastri wallet are considered in following cases:

1. Voice Disturbance on call due to bad cell network, background noise, Either one is inaudible on call, etc.

2. The Consulting Astrologer is unable to answer fluently in the language mentioned on the consulting page.

3. In case of Astrologer found taking longer than required time in answering user's query.

4. In case of Astrologer found of providing inappropriate or irrelevant answer to user's query.

Refunds in User's Bank Account is/are considered in following cases:

If user has recharged twice by mistake in short time due to bad internet issue or due to payment gateway issue. All the requests for refunds must be placed within 24hrs of order. Refund request must be placed via calling our Customer Support Number or Customer Support Email id. No Refund Request will be entertained for lack of accuracy of astrology consultation.

Customer Satisfaction is our prime motto and we are committed to give best experience to our users.